Monday, July 27, 2009

Writers Block

It seems like I've had so much I want to say on here, but as soon as I sit down, my mind goes completely blank! I thought I would have so much time during the summer to really spend time on this blog, but I really failed at that, didn't I? Lord willing I'll be posting something longer very soon! Tell me about your summer- doing anything exciting? Oh, and if you have time, go to The Girl Inside if you're interested in finding out about a good book to read.


HOPE said...

I have missed you Sarah!!

I love blue and white..and your new design is so refreshing!

You have a lot to catch you on with my blogs!!!



Jenna said...

Hi Sara~
Cute new background, and I love the picture!!
This summer we went to 2 goat shows, and are now preparing for fair which is sort of our family "vacation"...I'm still doing a little school throughout the summer as well, so between everything I have a full day:)


p.s. I changed my blog name to Feminine Farmgirl. Some people have had problems with updates...have you had any issues with my updates?