Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is Here

Some pictures taken from the trees in my yard. I love the flowers on these trees-I wish they would stay like this instead of changing into the leaves!

The rest of these pictures were taken from my trip to Ohio while I was visiting family.

Me and my brother Ryan

This is my cousin, Cayla. We have stayed close for a very long time.

I love her dog, Peaches.

He's just too cute!

My cousin, Louie, playing Guitar Hero. I'm not very good at this game!
Yay for little sisters!


Maxine said...

Oh, Sara, your blog looks beautiful! Love these pictures.

Ella said...

You are extremely photogenic, Sara! =)

I love blossoms on trees! But I also love leaves! It is the bare branches that I don't like!

HOPE said...

I always love to see your LOVE for your brother and must be a truly wonderful sister! How blessed they are!

The photography is gorgeous! The flowers were a breath of fresh air! So lovely.

Thanks for sharing and making SMILES!


Elizabeth J. said...

The flower pictures were gorgeous and the dog was cute!

Spaceofgrace said...

Beautiful Pictures!!!! And I love your blog. In Christ Alone... what more can be said right? Come visit my blogs any time.

RejoicingComet said...

Beautiful pictures, Sara! :)
I also love blossoms on the trees; our pear tree bloomed wa-a-ay back in March and has already turned to just leaves.

Peter (Faith For God) said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. I set one of the flower pictures as my computer wallpaper.