Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Kitties

Recently, one of my three cats, Gracie, passed away. It was a hard time for my siblings and I, and we miss her a lot. She was ten when she died, so I'm thankful that at least she lived a pretty long life. She was such a sweetheart and very loving. If she got used to a person, she would rub against their legs until you reached down to pet her. But I also have two other beautiful cats...Lulu and Maxie. Lulu definitely has a fun personality. She loves being the center of attention, and although she can be quite demading at times, she is sweet and very curious! Maxie is more quiet, but she is gentle and kind. She was always very protective of Gracie.

I want to share some pictures with you so you can meet them. =) Some of these photos are fuzzy because they weren't orginally digital photos, so I'm sorry about the quality.

Yep, that's me with the big glasses! I was about 9 here, and this was taken the very first day my family got the cats. I'm holding Lulu. I still can't believe how tiny she was here. In recent years all the cats grew....um...a bit large. =D

This picture of Lulu makes me laugh.
Gracie when she was around 4 or 5.

Gracie and Lulu all snuggled up.

The Three Sisters

Hmm, do I detect a fight starting?

These two were always really close, despite their little catfights. =)

Lulu likes to make herself comfy.

Yep, VERY comfy.

Maxie. Doesn't she have pretty eyes?

Lulu is probably thinking "If you take just ONE more picture of me, no more Miss Nice Kitty!"

Trying to make the all-important decision of whether she should jump up on the bed or stay where she is.

I love and miss you Gracie. <3


Maxine said...

Sara, what a sweet post! You know how much I love animals so I thoroughly enjoyed it and even got a little teary about Gracie. I know exactly how that is. That's so nice that you gave them a little spot on your blog.

HOPE said...

Loved this Sara! I'm sorry to hear about Gracie. Our pets become so very special in our lives. I always think it so kind of the LORD to give us these animals that befriend us.

Lulu looks exactly like a cat I had growing up ..named Riley. She was a kitten that showed up at our front door and would not leave until we adopted her. She lived with us for...16 years!!

I have had many cats over the years..Riley, Morris,Ralphie,Fred,Daisey,Baby,Al, just to name a few! ;)

and...I am soo glad you had BIG glasses too! My daughters blame me...until I show them others who wore the same style!

God bless and have a great week!

Beverly said...

What cute kitties - and a very cute little girl with glasses too ;-)

hannahmichelle said...

I'm sorry you lost one of your sweet cats. I've only had hermit crabs and hamsters, but I know how special pets can be.

I used to have big glasses too! :)

Sara said...

oh good, I don't feel so embarrassed about wearing big glasses. =)

Cathy said...

Pretty little kitties ~ I have always had dogs, but recently have befriended a little wild stray cat. I just wish she did not have such sharp claws and teeth. She is scared of everyone, but now lets me pet her some.