Monday, December 17, 2007

I am Done!

Thank you all for your prayers! My first semester is officially over, and I'm so grateful to all of you who took the time to say a quick prayer for me. I got through it by the Lord's strength. Now I will have to find activities to occupy my time with during my five-week break. I think I'm going to attempt to do some scrapbooking-something I've put aside for far too long! Well, at least it will keep me busy. Also, you will most likely be finding more frequent posts from me- I can promise you on that. :) As Christmas is only 8 days away, I'll try to dedicate some posts to my favorite time of the year.

In the evening service at my church, my pastor is doing a 3-week Christmas series. Last week the sermon was on Mary, and what wonderful attributes she had! Her humbleness and obedience during an extremely confusing and potentially dangerous time of her life are such wonderful examples to all of us, but especially to young women. This past Sunday evening the topic was on Joseph. I like how my pastor pointed out that we often forget Joseph amidst all the sermons on Mary. He was truly a remarkable and godly man. Although he felt hurt and confused over the news of Mary's pregnancy, he humbly submitted himself to God's ultimate plan for Mary and her Child. At the end of the sermon, my pastor exhorted the young people of the church to seek for a Mary or a Joseph as a future spouse. The two of them are wonderful examples of what the marriage covenant between two believers should be. I only hope and pray that when faced with a trial, I will humbly submit to God's will for me by saying "Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to Your word." ~Luke 1:38

Gentle Mary laid her Child lowly in a manger;
There He lay, the undefiled, to the world a Stranger:
Such a Babe in such a place, can He be the Savior?
Ask the saved of all the race who have found His favor.

Angels sang about His birth; wise men sought and found Him;
Heaven’s star shone brightly forth, glory all around Him:
Shepherds saw the wondrous sight, heard the angels singing;
All the plains were lit that night, all the hills were ringing.

Gentle Mary laid her Child lowly in a manger;
He is still the undefiled, but no more a stranger:
Son of God, of humble birth, beautiful the story;
Praise His Name in all the earth, hail the King of glory!

~Joseph S. Cook


Beka said...

Beautiful post, Sara. I thought the sermon last night was so thought-provoking, and I really appreciated it.
Congratulations again on finishing your first semester! Hope you have a fun, refreshing break.

~Lauraborialice said...

Good job on finishing your first semester!! That sermon sounded interesting.. :-) I hope your break goes well.. Have fun!!! :-D

Kaysie said...

Hey Sara,
Thanks so much for your comment on my new blog...I am so glad you visited. :)
I hope you have a refreshing break and I am looking forward to new posts!
Thanks for your friendship.
In Christ,

Rachel said...

That's so neat that you're all done with your first semester, so exciting! Especially since you now have so much time to catch up on everything before the next semester starts. I know I'm so excited that I only have two more days left of school.

I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas

Maxine said...

Sara, what an absolutely lovely post. I LOVED Pastor D's two sermons! And I loved his applications to the young people on this past Sunday. And isn't it wonderful for a young lady like you to have Mary as an example? Btw, I ordered the E. George Mary devotional for Neesie and it's on its way.
Looking forward to your future posts here. I've been on a bit of a break, but took a "break" from that to post on my two blogs and visit some bloggy friends. Hope to get back in the swing of things soon.