Monday, October 19, 2009

Just for Fun

Ok, I'm supposed to be studying for midterms, but I'm looking at period drama clips on youtube instead. =D Ella recommended Bleak House, and after watching the series last weekend, I can see why. It is definitely very long, but the story line is so interesting it's hard to stop watching!
So...I'm going to post a video that you can watch if you like. The video shows the four proposals Esther had in the movie, and honestly I think Mr. Guppy's two proposals are hilarious (especially the first, just because he was so awkward). If you want, leave a comment and tell me which proposal you think is the best. =) People who have already watched the movie will probably be able to make more sense out of the scenes, but even if you haven't, watch and tell me what you think. Have fun!

Alrighty, back to studying for me.

P.S. Oh, and you might want to turn my music off at the bottom of my blog.


Ella said...

I am glad that you liked Bleak House! It was worth watching, so I think I will stick with it and not the book =)

I loved the guy Esther wound up with....but I always wished that someone would have come along and made Mr. Jarndyce happy.

Guppy...he was even more ridiculous than Mr. Collins =)

Maxine said...

I think I would like to see the series before I decide. Neesie is in the middle of watching them and seems to be really enjoying them.

Neesie said...

Definitly Guppy was the best!!!!!!!!! I laughed every time. ;-)