Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friends and Birthdays

Yesterday I took my little friend, Nicki, out for her birthday. She's 10 now!

Nicki loved the carousel ride in the mall.

After we went out to eat, I surprised her by taking her to Build-A-Bear workshop!

Before her panda was stuffed.

Awww, she loves her panda.

Making a wish for her new furry friend.
Somebody's happy. =)

He's all stuffed now! Nicki called him Joseph.
Next stop: the Hallmark store. Nicki loves those Webkinz animals, so we picked up a leopord one.

Looking at the pretty fountain by the coffee shop in the mall (and throwing 2 little pennies in- I wonder what she wished for?). The lights at the bottom make the water change colors.

We tried a bunch of photoshoots together...these two are my favorites.

Happy Birthday Nicki!


Ella said...

What sweet pictures! I love relationships between older and younger girls!!

HOPE said...

How thoughtful of you, Sara!

I love her Panda cute! I love that place! My son made one for his son when he went to Iraq..with his voice recorded saying I love you.

God bless...

priscilla said...

looks like a nice time you had with nikki...and she looks like she had fun. the last two are my favorite.

Brianna said...

Sweet pics Sara! Thanks for your is going pretty well...I can't wait for Thanksgiving break though!! How about you? Any finals coming up?