Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have been tagged twice--by Nanna a few months ago, and more recently, by Neesie. I'm afraid I've been keeping Nanna waiting way too long for me to post! The art of procrastination always seems to get the better of me, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I thought this was a very fun tag. I have to make a six-word memoir describing myself. Maybe this was one of the reasons I procrastinated so long- I couldn't think of only six words! Well, here goes.

Eyes Constantly Behind the Camera Lens Yes, I love photography! I also love my sony cybershot, which I'm constantly taking photos with. As Neesie and my family all know very well, I can't seem to get enough pictures of them. :) I think it would be fun to take a photography class in the future, so maybe I'll get a little more serious about it. My poor family and friends. ;)

Neesie tagged me with the "You Make My Day" award.

Thank you so much Neesie! I can't tell you how many times you've made MY day. I'm supposed to tag 6 people, but I'm going to break the rules and tag 5. Two other bloggers I was going to include have already been tagged, so I don't want to double tag. :)

1. Beverly- Your blog has always made my day, whether you are writing a serious or funny post. I am so blessed to know you in person. Thank you for your encouragement and for being the big sister I never had.

2. Beka- Thank you for your sweet reminders in your posts to trust and wait upon the Lord in times of trouble. You are such a Godly example to me and I am also thankful to know you personally!

3. Nanna- Even though I haven't been as active on the blogger world lately, whenever I do get a chance to read your blogs, I always come away smiling. Love you Nanna!

4. Rachel- I know you've recently decided to quit the blogging world, Rachel, but I just want you to know I enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. You always had encouraging, thought-provoking posts for your readers. Thank you!

5. Laura - A new friend I've gotten to know a little better through blogger and facebook. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog Laura! It's been fun getting to know you better.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you are all enjoying the summer and staying cool!


Neesie said...

Ahhh...yes, you and your camera! that was a perfect description of yourself. :-)Very good job!

Beverly said...

Oh thank you so much, sweetie! That made MY day :-) Lots of love and hugs!!!

Maxine said...

Got your tag! Don't know what if anything I'll do with it, but thanks!

From what I hear, that's a perfect memoir for you. And guess what? I just came home from Staples with my first owned digital camera! It's my birthday gift from my husband--a Kodak Easy Share. The price was good for me as I've never been into taking pictures and I'm awful at it usually. Thought I'd give it a try so I can take my own pictures for the computer. Show it to you on Sunday, hopefully!

L. said...

aww thanks for the tag and sweet words sara! i have the same exact cybershot!!! that got me so excited. we're so alike! :-)

~Lauraborialice said...

Thanks for tagging me!! :-D I love reading your blog.. :-D

Beka said...

Oh dear! Sara, I am SO sorry that I didn't comment on this! I thought that I had, but I guess I just commented in my head and never actually typed it out! I'm so sorry.
Anyway, thank you so much... you are so sweet. You made my day!
Love you!

Beka said...

Also-- just wanted to say that I love your friend pictures in your sidebar. What a great idea!

~Lauraborialice said...

I would love to read it any day! :-D