Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I promised to post some thoughts from Hind's Feet on High Places a few times a week, but I've misplaced my book! Just to let you know, as soon as I find it, I will begin my writings right away! Hope and pray that you are all doing well!



Maxine said...

That's Okay, Sara! I've been looking all over the house this morning for a bank statement that I lost! That's not too good!!Looking forward to hearing your next post.

Why didn't you ever try your hand at my title contest? I'm drawing later today!!!!

~Lauraborialice said...

I like your new background!! :-) The flower is really pretty.. :-)

Beka said...

Hi Sara! Hope your week is going well. I hope you find your book soon!

I just started re-reading this book myself, and have been so blessed by the first few chapters that I read today.

Kaysie said...

I am so looking forward to it, Sara!

I too love your new look for our blog... very cheery. :)
Have a great day!


~Lauraborialice said...

You're welcome.. :-)